Best People Lookup Sites - April 2019

Compare the best people lookup services online and run your very own safe background checks on people of interest with the top people lookup sites today.

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#1 Nationwide

  • Unlimited Searches
  • People Search Engine
  • Police Records
  • Social Network Data
  • Property Records
Public records in 1 easy report
Search for anyone using name, number, email, or address

  • Criminal Records
  • Court Records
  • Judgement & Liens
  • Flexible Plans
Highly accurate background check service
Flexible payment plans with easy & intuitive search.

  • A+ BBB Rated
  • Marriage & Divorce
  • Unlimited Searches
Hassle-free public records search service with affordable pricing.

  • Deep Web Search
  • Court Records
  • Criminal Records
Anonymous people search engine with a single, easy-to-read report.

  • People Search
  • Bankruptcy History
  • Arrest Records
This service is very easy to use, affordable and offers unlimited searches.

  • People Search
  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Court Records
  • Employment Records
Reliable online background check service which offers a range of report options and payment plans.

  • Flexible plans
  • Bankruptcy records
  • 40 years of address history
Background checks and people search with 6 unique plans.
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Most Commonly Asked Questions About People Lookup Sites

Whether you’re looking to screen a potential date or aren’t too sure about your online footprint, we’ve reviewed the top people lookup services to help get you started. These include a selection of both the best and most affordable services around. 


What is People Lookup?

People Lookup is the process of searching for a person on the internet. Looking people up on the internet has become a very common practice in the 21st century, as many people have online identities to match their physical ones. There are a multitude of different websites that give users the ability to look up people. This can be done by inputting one piece of a person’s identifying information (first name, last name, phone number, address, and age are the most common), which will then produce the person’s full profile.


When Would You Use a People Lookup Site?

A People Lookup site could be used for a variety of reasons. It could be used by an organization that runs background checks on potential new hires. It could be used by an individual who wants to call another individual over the phone, or send them an email. It could also be used by a sales company wishing to generate new leads. These are some common uses, but there are many other potential uses for online people lookup.


How do People Lookup Services Work?

A People Lookup service works very simply. These services maintain huge databases of information containing personal information of millions of individuals. Generally, these databases are generated based on phone number and email address.

When an individual wishes to use a People Lookup site, he or she will type one piece of information about another individual into the search bar. The most common pieces of information are name, phone number, or address. The People Lookup site then cross references this piece of information with its database and returns potential matches in order of relevancy. The user can then view the individual’s full profile, including full name, phone number, email address, and home address. Also included in the results may be criminal history (if relevant), work history, credit history, marriage history, political affiliation, religious affiliation, and social media profiles. Certain pieces of information will not be returned, such as Social Security Number, bank information, and others.

There are also some websites that provide customer support, so if you have paid to use the site and cannot get a definite match, you can call a professional and they will assist you in your search, and hopefully help you find the person you’re looking for.


How do you Lookup People Online?

Looking up people online is very simple. All you need to start is to have one piece of information on the individual in question (full name, phone number, email address, home address). Though one piece of information is the minimum, the more information you have, the better. The more information you are able to input, the likelier that the site will produce a match for you. Access one of the best People Lookup sites listed later in this article, enter the piece of information in the search bar, and press enter. The website may take some time to search its database, and then it will return results. Often, websites will return multiple possible matches, in which case you will need to read through the results and decide for yourself which is the correct match.


Can You Lookup People for Free?

Technically, yes. There are free lookup websites online that will return results without needing payment. However, these websites tend to return incomplete or inaccurate information. The lookup websites that require payment are generally much more accurate and reliable, and therefore the better choice. When it comes to people lookup sites, it is true that you get what you pay for.


What are the Best Websites for People Lookup?

There is no easy answer to this question. The best People Lookup website for you may not be the best for someone else. Choosing the best People Lookup website for you will depend on a variety of factors such as price, report detail, customer service, and many other factors.

For example, one website might be free but yield incomplete results. Another website might be $5 per search and return name and address but not phone number. Another website might return every piece of information you could want, but it’s $20 per search. It will be up to you to compare the service offerings across different websites and decide which is best for you.

The following are some of the best People Lookup sites:

Been Verified: Been Verified contains all public records in 1 report. Past users have conducted 50M+ searches. This site will prompt users to enter an individual’s name, phone number, home address, and/or email. Been Verified’s operates on a subscription model; $22.86 for one month, $14.86 per month for three months, and $9.83 per month for six months.

Truthfinder: 24/7 support. Confidential searches. Truthfinder is a standard, one-month subscription service that costs less than $30. For that price you’ll be able to run unlimited standard background reports while you’re an active member. At that price, doing one lookup per day averages out to $1.

Checkmate: Instant Checkmate is a people lookup site that brings together into one report every piece of information on an individual available in public records (email address, phone number, home address, social media profile, criminal records, and more. Checkmate’s 5-day trial offer is $1 and a 1-month membership is $22.86 per month.

CheckPeople: This people lookup site is an easily used website that gives users the ability to search for people by first name/last name or by a reverse phone number search. This site specifically caters to people who need background information on another for personal or safety reasons. A 5-day free trial for this site is $1, but a 1-month subscription afterward is $44.85 per month.

People Looker: People Looker offers in-depth reports on individuals that may include names, criminal records, photos, relatives, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and court records. People Looker works strictly on a subscription basis. Month-to-month membership is priced at $18.28, while a 3-month membership will cost $14.62.



Disclaimer: Please Note: We expressly disclaim any and all representations and warranties that any of the providers featured on this site comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., ("FCRA") and/or any other similarly situated local, state or federal law governing the requisition, performance and/or disclosure of background checks.  In addition, use of any background information (whether in connection with credit eligibility reviews or otherwise) must similarly comply with applicable laws and regulations. 

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